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Best Off-Roading Parts For Jeep and Ram in Cochrane, Alberta

Cochrane dodge is an AMVIC licensed dealer located in Cochrane, Alberta. We're your reliable dealers for new and used Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles and their off-roading parts. If you're looking for a dealership that cares about your car as much as they care about good customer service, then that's us. Our services are extended to serve Calgary, Airdrie and Crowfoot's surrounding areas.

Custom Lift & Suspension Options

Different vehicle models and makes will be considered when deciding how high you should go on your lift. The vehicle size, tire size and the height of the lift all have to be considered. Most four-wheel vehicles can get a 1-inch lift up to 6-inches and above. The smaller lifts only require coil spacers at the stock, which gives the vehicle the required bump. There are several benefits of smaller lifts on your truck or Jeep, such as cheaper cost, easier to install, and fewer failures related to the lift. Whenever you want to increase the tire sizes on your truck or Jeep, a suspension system will be involved. Increasing your tire size will require a lift as well as spring spacers, long front bar links, shock spacers, track bars, both-end control arms and brake line extensions.

How To Prepare For Off-roading With Survival Equipment

One thing you want to make sure you have with you is the off-road survival equipment. This equipment is necessary for a potential worst-case scenario where you might be forced to call for help in case of an emergency. To give your vehicle more power, you can also fit a cold air intake increasing combustion in the engine. However, if you need your vehicle to run for more hours off-road without breaking down, injection pumps are necessary.

This survival equipment includes:

  • Water (about 13 litres)
  • First aid kit
  • Power to charge any of your little devices or even jump-starts your engine
  • SOS needs to aid in communication in case your vehicle is stuck in a place with no connectivity
  • Flash Lights
  • Tools like a folding knife, whistle and glass-breaking punch
  • Backpack and electronics protection

The Best Jeep & Ram Vehicles For Off-Roading

The following are some of the safest and high-performance off-road vehicles among the Jeep and Ram lineup.

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is by far Jeep's most reliable and high-performance off-road vehicle. This vehicle is equipped with a dynamic four-wheel drivetrain and fitted with rear and front differentials. The Jeep Wrangler also has a robust transmission system and a coil-over suspension making it a high performing off-road vehicle.

Ram 1500 Rebel

The Ram 1500 can tackle the most extreme off-road terrain while still having the driver in control. These capabilities are a byproduct of the vehicle having a low four-wheel drive brought along by a transfer case drop. The Rebel is also all-around mighty, generating 395 horsepower.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you'd like to be in a comfortable vehicle and one that takes on off-road terrain effortlessly, then the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the vehicle for you. With a potent engine and an unmatched crawl ratio of 44.1:1, this makes an off-road adventure with this vehicle a smooth one. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is also fitted with a Selec-Terrain Traction Management System, which controls the distribution of power among the wheels in different modes; Auto, Sport, Snow, Sand and Mud and Rock.

Jeep Gladiator

This vehicle is fitted with an outstanding engine and is reliable in harsh weather conditions. The Jeep Gladiator has a better ground clearance, which makes getting stuck off-road significantly less likely.


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Equipment Needed For Off-roading

Tow Hooks

In case your vehicle is stuck somewhere while you're off-roading, having a tow hook is necessary to bring the vehicle to a better-towing position.

Snatch & Winch

A snatch is a type of pulley that leads to less effort being used to pull a vehicle. A winch is fitted on a vehicle to provide self-recovery and also the ability to recover other vehicles.

Light Bar & Tires

Off-roading light bars are useful for foggy or even darker roads as they increase visibility. All-terrain tires are the best tires for off-road as they provide more traction on rough road surfaces than any other tires.

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