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Five Symptoms Of A Bad Rear Differential In Cochrane, Alberta

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Five Symptoms of A Bad Rear Differential

Damage To The Tire

If you find sidewall or outer tire wear on the rear wheels, it's a good indication that your differential might be failing. The differential allows the tires to spin at different rates during cornering, and when it fails, the gears grind, causing the tires to turn at the same rate, which wears out the tires.

Reduced Handling Capabilities

With a bad differential, handling around corners can become unpredictable, and it's noticeable that the vehicle isn't functioning as expected.


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A bad differential can cause vibrations that increase in intensity as you speed up and reduce as you slow down. If you have this issue, avoid driving at high speeds and bring your vehicle into a shop as soon as possible.

Grinding Gears

Grinding gears is another significant sign that your differential is failing and that the gears are wearing themselves out. In this situation, you will want to avoid driving the vehicle as it can lock up the rear wheels at any moment, which is dangerous.

Whining Noises

Hearing whining noises can indicate that your differential is failing, but this is not a guarantee since it is also a symptom of a bad wheel bearing. If you hear a whining noise, bring your vehicle into our Quick-Lube Service to have the fluid drained and checked, and if the fluid has no metal shavings, you might be able to fix the issue with a gear fluid change.

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