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Types Of Transmissions in Vehicles

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Types Of Transmissions in Vehicles

At Cochrane Dodge, we strive to support our customers with their automotive needs, including new vehicle sales, financing, service, etc. We also often have many helpful guides about vehicle maintenance and various information about your vehicle's systems, including the types of transmissions in vehicles. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about your vehicle or book an appointment for service.

Types Of Transmissions Explained

Electronically-Controlled Variable Transmission (ECVT)

An ECVT has an electric motor or generator to control the speed of the planetary gearset, allowing for the constant ability to change the gear ratio to match the engine's rpm and desired fuel economy.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

With vehicles moving towards better fuel economy, many small and economy vehicles have a CVT, which usually utilizes belts and pulleys to deliver power to the wheels. There are advantages to having a CVT, including better fuel economy and a wider gear ratio that can change to simulate gear shifts.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions are less common in today's market, but they are still found on performance and sporty vehicles. With a manual transmission, you will have a third panel called a clutch and a gear selector that lets you manually select and switch between gears.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions are the most common, featuring a gear selector with drive, reverse, park, and others depending on the model. With automatic transmissions, you won't have to provide further input than choosing the desired gear.

Semi-Automatic & Dual-Clutch Transmissions

When shopping for a performance-oriented vehicle, you might find that it has a semi-automatic or dual-clutch transmission. Semi-automatic transmissions are manual transmissions without a clutch; instead, they use actuators and pneumatic force to change gears. On the other hand, dual-clutch transmissions have separate clutches for even and odd gears, allowing seamless and quicker shifting.

Financing Options

Once you shop through our vast selection and have a better idea about your desired model's transmission type, reach out to our Finance Centre to discuss the available financing and leasing options. Our dealership also accepts vehicle trade-ins, providing further savings during your new vehicle purchase.