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How To Do Factory Direct Orders

How To Do Factory Direct Orders in Cochrane, Alberta

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How To Do Factory Direct Orders

Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram dealership is known as the preferred Dodge dealership in Cochrane, Alberta, and we serve the surrounding areas of Calgary, Airdrie, and Crowfoot. Our team is happy to assist you in ordering a new car from the factory. There are several advantages to purchasing a factory-direct vehicle that will be listed below.

Reasons to Order Factory Direct

So why should you order factory direct? What advantages do you get from ordering a vehicle factory direct? Well, you save on many fees by pre-ordering  with the obvious bonus of getting your vehicle your way! Factory direct vehicles are in full swing right now and built before stock! Perfect for buyers who do not want to compromise on their features, colour and design.


Customization is the key when it comes to factory-direct orders. You will have the ability to personalize your car down from the very fabric of the seats to the wheels and technology package you want. Although it is easy to get carried away with all the choices available, keep in mind the vehicle's resale potential. If you intend on selling the vehicle in the future, don't customize it to the point that no one else would be interested in buying it.

Delivery Time

If you are in the market for a new vehicle or searching for one that has everything you want, a little wait can make it worth your while! You can also trade-in or sell your old car or truck just as your new one arrives. The key to a smooth transition is to find the right dealership to help you. When starting this process, it is essential to be patient as your vehicle will have to be built and shipped from the factory.

Placing an Order

From new Ram vehicles to new Jeep vehicles, new Dodge vehicles, and new inventory of Chrysler vehicles, Cochrane Dodge can help along the way till the order is placed. When ordering factory direct, we will help you get the exact vehicle that you want.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about ordering a new car from the factory, we invite you to Contact Us for more information. We will be happy to help you plan, customize and order your new vehicle through factory-direct ordering. Our team at the Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram can help you find your next new or used vehicle all from the comfort of your home.