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7 Car Noises And What They Mean

7 Car Noises And What They Mean

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Diagnosing car problems can be difficult as one problem can cause several symptoms, while multiple issues may have the same symptoms. Contact us at Carstar Mechanical Services in Cochrane, Alberta.


If you hear whistling sounds from within your car, then you might have an issue with your car's weather stripping. If the sounds originate from under the hood, they could indicate cracks in the hoses or air leaking from the car's radiator pressure cap.


Whirring and squealing sounds from your car may indicate a belt problem. The car's engine has rotating belts, and over time these belts may stretch or even crack due to circulating at high speeds around the pulley system. Replacing worn-out belts can save you from unexpected emergencies in the future.


Clicking and ticking noises from your engine may be a sign to get the oil tank checked. The car relies on lubrication to run smoothly; therefore, a noisy piston may indicate low oil levels. You can check your car's dipstick before taking it to the service centre.

Noisy Turning

If your car produces noises when you turn, it could be experiencing problems with its wheels and tires. The issue could be a lack of air inflated into the tire, a worn-out tire, or a more advanced problem like a worn wheel bearing or wheel balancing.

Uneven Idling

Your car's rhythm feeling off may indicate an issue with one of the spark plugs. Spark plugs ignite the fuel in your car's engine, and they may short, experience breaks, or burn out over time.

Loud Idling

Your car's engine may seem louder than usual, and this could indicate an issue with its cylinder compression. This issue may be brought about by the uneven air-fuel ratio in the cylinder, causing combustion to occur faster than usual. Therefore, high pressure in the cylinder causes the engine to sound louder and may damage the engine in general. You should get your car to our service centre immediately.


Your car sounding like a loud rumbling could indicate a hole in your muffler. These holes may not exactly deteriorate your car's performance, but they may cause dangerous fumes to leak into the passenger seat compartments.

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