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Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winter Tire Change

Winterizing your car for our province's roughest season begins with treating it to a set of winter tires, and Cochrane Didge Jeep Ram can oblige. Not only do we supply customers in and around Cochrane, Alberta with the best winter tires available on the market, we can also carry out all the services you'll need to thoroughly winterize your vehicle. Feel free to visit or contact our Tire Centre for more on which winter tires are best for your car.

In addition to an extensive stock of tires from the best and most reliable brands, our dealership also boasts a crew of certified technicians ready to carry out all the services you'll need to brave the winter at the wheel. For starters, our staff will treat your vehicle to a winter tire change, as well as quick-lube services, a windshield wiper change to ensure visibility in rougher conditions, oil and filter changes, and brake fluid checks. We'll also be happy to check whether your battery is in good enough shape to get you through the winter. Our first-rate customer service doesn't end with winterizing your car, as we're always here to tend to all your maintenance needs and help you keep it running at its best, no matter the season.

Alberta winters require drivers to own a couple of sets of seasonal tires, and luckily, you won't have to worry about storing your second set through the winter, as we'll be happy to find a place for them until it's time for your next swap. In addition to storing and installing your winter tires, Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram can also service your rubber with regular repairs and rotations to ensure even wear. Contact us today to book an appointment and get your car ready to tackle the winter.

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