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Jeep Key Fob Replacement & Battery Change

Jeep Key Fob Replacement & Battery Change

Jeep Key Fob Replacement & Battery Change

When shopping through our new inventory at Cochrane Dodge, you will find the latest Jeep models, with many featuring a key fob that makes entry quite easy and convenient. However, during your Jeep ownership, you will have a day when you will need to replace the battery inside the key fob. By following our guide, you will have no issue replacing your Jeep's key fob battery at home. Our dealership strives to support your ownership by giving you access to helpful guides and services, including a Finance Centre to get you a fantastic deal on your dream vehicle.

How To Open A Jeep Key Fob

Before attempting to replace the battery from the fob, remove any key rings that might cause issues when splitting the key fob open. You will also want to find an appropriate-sized flat head screwdriver and the correct replacement battery for your Jeep's key fob. The latest Jeep keyfobs have a CR2032 battery inside, but you should consult with your local dealership's part counter to ensure you have the right battery and to source a good quality replacement that will last you a while. To open the key fob, begin by placing the flat head screwdriver at the seam near the keyring mount and press down to split the key fob into two. Never twist the screwdriver since that can crack the plastic key fob cover. Now that you have the key fob open, you can replace the battery.

How To Change The Battery in A Jeep Key Fob

With the key fob open, replacing the battery is simple. You will remove the old battery and insert the new one with the negative side facing down. Now put the electric circuit board into the keypad and snap back the keyfob together, ensuring you hear a positive audible click indicating that everything is secure. Test the key fob to make sure it works properly, and never try to force the keyfob back together if it doesn't fit seamlessly.

Contact Us To Book An Appointment

Replacing your Jeep's key fob battery is easy, but if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, contact us and book an appointment to have one of our experts take care of it.

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