Some Valuable Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring

If you've driven through an Alberta winter, you know our roughest season can put your car through the wringer. Luckily, our dealership has the parts and the staff to get your vehicle back in peak condition for the spring. Before you bring your car to Cochrane Dodge Jeep RAM's service centre in Cochrane, Alberta for maintenance, we'd like to offer our customers the following tips on what to look out for following the change in seasons.

Change Your Tires

Now that your winter tires have fulfilled their obligation, it's time you gave them a deserved rest until next year and fitted your vehicle with tires befitting the change in weather. All-seasons are a common choice for this time of year and perform at their best in temperatures above 7° C. If you'd like to entertain other tire options, one of our technicians will gladly fill you in.

Get Your Brakes & Battery Checked

We generally recommend getting your brakes looked at every six months or so, and there's no better time to do so than winter's end. That goes for your battery as well. Snow, salt, and other intruders have a way of making their presence felt in your vehicle's key components, and you can spare yourself headaches and added expenses down the line by tending to any damage come spring.

Get Your Headlights Examined

For all the traction they provide during our toughest season, salt and gravel can do a number on your headlights, either by corroding their wires or cracking their casing. An appointment at our service centre can remedy such inconveniences in short order.

Replace Your Wipers

Windshield wipers are a valuable ally when braving snow and ice storms, and with spring showers on the horizon, there's no time like the present to replace your weary wipers with a new set. Whatever the season, visibility is paramount, so it never hurts to get the wipers looked at.

Check Your Car for Leaks

As with household pipes, cold weather and harsh winters can damage your radiator's rubber cooling hoses and cause swelling, cracks, or leaks. A maintenance call to Cochrane Dodge Jeep RAM will prevent further trouble and keep your engine from overheating once the season has changed. For more tips on how to get your car back into top form now that winter has come and gone, contact us at Cochrane Dodge Jeep RAM.6

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