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Winching Do’s and Don’ts

A Guide To Winching Do's and Don'ts

A Guide to Winching Do's and Don'ts from Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram

No dealership understands the importance of all things winching better than Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram. Our dealership is glad to impart everything worth knowing about winching to the community of old and new off-roaders it proudly serves in Cochrane, Alberta, from do's and don'ts to the most reliable practices. If you'd like a more hands-on rundown of the best winching techniques for your rig, feel free to get in touch with our service department. A member of the team will be happy to fill you in.

Firstly, we recommend stretching your winch's line before properly breaking it in, whether it's made of wire rope or synthetic material. This practice will ensure that your rope is tightly and evenly wound on the drum, keeping the layers unimpeded and free of potential damage. You'll also want to avoid doubling the hook back to the line as opposed to using a tree strap and shackle, as doing so can damage the line and cause a rope failure.

In order to securely mount a winch to your off-roader and make the most of its pulling power, you'll first need to get acquainted with your vehicle's recovery points. That said, best winching practice involves more than just installing your mount in the right spot. Finding the right winch for your off-road vehicle depends on its minimum pulling capacity, which you can calculate easily by multiplying the gross vehicle weight rating by 1.5. Once you've installed the right winch, we recommend stocking up on some important equipment including a few shackles, a snatch block, a tree trunk protector, and a recovery strap. Contact us today for more details on proper winching accessories and fundamentals.

You'll want to remember a few things when you embark on your off-road adventures with all your winching wares in tow. Firstly, always wear gloves and stay out of harm's way during the recovery process, and most importantly, take your time. Getting stuck off-road can be stressful, and it's always best to slow down and work methodically to keep from making careless mistakes and harming either your vehicle or another person. Lastly, be sure to keep your winch in working order by stretching it out and respooling a few times a year.

Get in touch with our parts department to determine the best winching equipment for your off-road vehicle.

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