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DIY Fixes For The Ram 1500

DIY Fixes For The Ram 1500 At Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram

You can make the most of your Ram 1500 with your own Ram 1500 DIY mods. There are hundreds of ways you can repair, restore and upgrade your current Ram 1500 truck. At Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram, our valued customers in Cochrane, Calgary, Airdrie, Crossfield, Canmore, and surrounding areas of Alberta usually ask us how they can modify or fix small issues with their Ram 1500. Here are some of the DIY projects you can do on your Ram 1500 today.

Bed Divider

You can complete a DIY truck bed divider Ram 1500 that will allow you to make the most of bed space. With a divider, you can create customized room for your gear, tools or recreational items. You can find dividers at your aftermarket parts store and do the installation on your own.

Air Intake System

Get more air into your engine and enhance the performance of your Ram 1500. You can easily replace the stock intake on your 1500. This will allow you to pump additional air into your system and give you the enhanced performance that you want from your truck.

Light Set

Adding a light set to your truck will not only increase your visibility at night, but it will also make your RAM 1500 look great. You can add light bars, fog lights, LED strips, and more. These lights can be added to the front grille, the roof, the tailgate, and even the sides of your truck. You can easily install these lights yourself with some minor knowledge of electrical wiring.

Custom Wheels

Give your truck a one-of-a-kind look with custom wheels. You can upgrade the stock wheels on your truck or get larger wheels that will be able to accommodate bigger tires. There are literally thousands of different wheel designs that you can choose from.

Tire Upgrade

If you want to tackle some serious off-road conditions, then you will want to consider a tire upgrade. You can install tires with a special supple rubber that will give you better grip and traction on challenging terrains such as rock, gravel, mud, sand, and snow.

Performance Chip

Bypass the stock power of your Ram 1500 with a performance chip. These chips will allow you to get more horsepower and performance from your RAM 1500. These chips are easy to find and simple to install.

Suspension System

Give your truck that intimidating lift that will command the road. You can add a suspension system to your Ram 1500 that will make it something really special. A lift kit will also come in handy if you want to do some serious off-roading over large rocks.

Aftermarket Brakes

As you begin to add larger wheels, larger tires and more performance to your Ram 1500, you will also want to make sure that you upgrade your brakes. Upgraded brakes will give your truck the stopping power that you need to stay safe on the road and off-road.

Custom Exhaust

You can find custom exhaust in Cochrane that will give your truck a beefy sound every time you hit the accelerator. A custom exhaust will not only offer you sound that attracts attention; these exhaust systems will give you extra torque that can add to your vehicle's overall capability.

Step Bars

After you lift your truck, you will want to install step bars for the RAM 1500. This will make it easier for you to get into and exit your truck. Also, your passengers will appreciate the extra assistance.

Hitch Cover

Keep your hitch looking good when you don't need it. You can easily install a hitch cover that is not only protective but will also enhance the look of your Ram 1500.

Winter Floor Mats

When the winter comes, you want to make sure that the footwells in your truck are protected from the snow, slush and mud that comes from the winter weather. That's why you will want to install winter mats into your RAM 1500. This is one small investment that will make a big impact on your truck.

Grille Guard

When you are going off-roading, you will want to make sure that your front grille is protected from damage. That's where a great looking grille guard or bull bar comes in. These guards will not only protect your grille, but they will also help prevent damage to your lights.

Splash Guards

Don't make a huge mess on your truck. You can easily install splash guards to protect the paint and finish of your Ram 1500's exterior. There are many splash guard styles to choose from.

Need Expert Service? We're Ready To Serve You!

While there are some DIY Ram 1500 truck projects that you can do yourself, you'll want to save the big projects for the experts. Our service center at Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram has handled hundreds of Ram 1500 upgrade projects. We can get the job done fast and at an affordable price. Schedule your service today. If you are looking for particular parts, you can order your parts online. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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